Welcome The Hope Heals Symposium

Dr. Kris Marsh


In the afternoon, Hope Heals attendees will learn the definition of implicit bias and its related concepts, and how to identify implicit bias in everyday life. Dr. Marsh will discuss how implicit biases are measured, how biases are formed, and how implicit biases affect judgement and behavior. As attendees finish a dynamic day of discussion and learning, they will gain strategies to reduce bias and discrimination in their everyday lives and work.

Dr. Kris Marsh received her PhD from the University of Southern California in 2005. She was a Postdoctoral Scholar at the Carolina Population Center at the University of North Carolina before joining the faculty of Maryland where she has been tenured since 2014. Dr.Marsh’s general areas of expertise are the Black middle class, demography, racial residential segregation, and education. She has combined these interests to develop a research agenda that is divided into two broad areas: avenues into the Black middle class and consequences of being in the Black middle class.

Dr. Marsh has served as a contributor to CNN in America, the Associated Press, NBC Washington, and Al Jazeera America and is frequently asked to contribute to the Washington Post. She serves as the Secretary of the District of Columbia Sociological Society and the Managing Editor of Issues in Race & Society. Dr. Marsh was awarded the Jacquelyn Johnson Jackson Early Career Award from the Association of Black Sociologists in 2015 and received the Core Fulbright U.S. Scholar award for 2017. While completing her Fulbright in South Africa, Dr. Marsh was awarded the Excellence in Service Medal for Outstanding Faculty from the University of Maryland’s Office of Multi-ethnic Student Education. Professor Marsh’s most recent research and intellectual endeavors center on improving police-community relations. Since late 2015, Dr. Marsh has been the driving force behind a bias free training and research collaboration between Prince George’s County Police Department and the University of Maryland.